We are a private billing practice.


Our standard consultation during weekdays has a $30.10 of gap fee above the Medicare rebate. During weekdays we also bulk bill aged pensioners and children under 6 years old. Our fees are higher on weekends. The common services fees are displayed at reception or can be discussed with our friendly staff.


Generally, the fee vary depending on the complexity of consultation and if procedures are performed. All initial worker’s compensations and motor vehicles claims are payable by patients on day of consultation until the claims have been approved. We do bulk bill ongoing simple visits for INR, B12 injection and de-sensitisation, provided there are no other issues requiring attention.


We ask you to settle your bill on the day of consultation. If the fees are not paid within a month, this will incur an interest charge of 20% and administrative fee of $16. When transferring files out of this surgery, there is an administrative fee of $20. There is a non-attendance fee of $30 if you have made an appointment and fail to turn up.


We accept Cash or Eftpos or Credit card. We do not accept personal cheques.